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2012年 6月 4日 Event

Hello! How are you doing?

This is Toshin Highschool Atsugi branch.

My name is Hayakawa.


Today, I would like to tell you a very cool event of Atsugi school.

In Toshin, there are events that teachers reflected in videos of Toshin come to schools and teach us directly.

And, Mr. Fukuzaki, teaching English at Toshin, will come to Atsugi!!!

As you know on TV, he is one of very famous and fantastic teachers of Toshin.

This event is held on 25 June.

From now, I can’t wait to see him here!


If you are confused by long passages of English,

I recommend you to get a chance that Mr. Fukuzaki will come and teach us at Atsugi.

That is because he can make you understand English more to use a dramatic reading method, Paragraph Reading.

It is a method to read passages of English.

To read them, it is needed to understand not only grammar of English but also how to read English text.

Paragraph Reading is a way to understand this.

So, let’s join us!

He will teach us it in easily.

I think this is a very significant time for you.


If you want to participate in this event,

You have three means to apply it.

1. Atsugi school

2.Telephone (0120-104-716)

3.Website of Toshin


I hope you come here on 25 June.

See you!